How to Celebrate Safely During the Holidays!
How to Celebrate Safely During the Holidays!

How to Celebrate Safely During the Holidays!

Fall Festive Box

How to Celebrate Safely During the Holidays

In an age of accessible global communication, significant economic-growth and expanding technological prowess, it’s difficult to fully grasp that our ever-changing and dynamic world was, quite frankly, put on hold in the matter of months. Normally, the world slows for no one, but COVID-19 had stopped us all in our tracks. As we all were completely displaced from the normality we’ve grown accustomed to – we now find ourselves in a similar predicament as a small business within the catering industry – pivot, adapt or get left in the dust.      

ACT 3 Catering felt the immediate impacts of COVID-19 six months ago – waves of widespread cancellations and government mandated shutdowns forced us to turn off the lights in our once bustling kitchen for much of 2020. Working within an industry that relies so heavily on large gatherings and human interaction, it was heartbreaking to see our vibrant and fast-paced community slow to a halt within weeks.   

As we begin to find a sense of normality in our not-so-normal world, ACT 3 Catering is taking exciting steps to pivot and adjust, while remaining true to our values – serve quality food with excellent service. We’ve thrived in the fast-paced, hustle and bustle and will continue to brainstorm, adapt and grow in these slower moving times to ensure the health and safety of our clients, attending guests and staff. 

Firstly, on a lighter note, we want to emphasize to everyone - just because 2020 is cancelled doesn’t mean the holidays have to be!

The ACT 3 Catering Team has been creatively designing ways to celebrate the seasons while making health and safety the foundation of our projects. We’re constantly working towards improving our COVID-19 related standard operating procedures and take every step to eliminate risk of exposure.  

As the Holidays are quickly approaching, we at ACT 3 are so grateful to have the opportunity to keep our doors open and serve you this season! We understand the holiday party will look a bit different this year, but with ACT 3’s Fall Festive Box & Holiday Box the food doesn’t have to.   

The individually packaged meals we've designed provide quality menu options with traditional holiday tastes, all held in our new individualized packaging that are completely compostable. 

The "Fall Festive Box" is an elevated, yet traditional, take on Grandma's Thanksgiving feast. Each box contains Citrus Roasted Turkey dripping in Sage Pan Gravy paired with Yukon Gold Country Mashers, Marsala Roasted Cippolini Onions with Mushrooms, Sausage Apple and Fennel Stuffing, Orange Cranberry Sauce and Freshly Baked Rolls! With butter, of course!   
Our "Holiday Box" offers the consumer more variety to choose from, so you can make your dish as unique as you are! You have the choice of two proteins: Brown Sugar Glazed Ham or Citrus Roasted Turkey with Sage Pan Gravy; one starch from a list of three: Yukon Gold Country Mashers, Bacon & Sundried Tomato Swiss Mac-N-Cheese Au Gratin or Rosemary-Garlic Confit Fingerling Potatoes; and, lastly, a choice of one vegetable from a list of three: Marsala Roasted Cipollini Onions & Mushrooms, Brown Butter Roasted Green Beans or Honey Roasted Golden and Red Beets. Don’t forget the fresh baked rolls and butter because what’s a holiday meal without the warm roll!? With all these delicious options to choose from, everyone can find a Holiday Box combination to suit their tastes.

And seriously, after a year like 2020 there’s no better way to say “Thank You” than sharing a delicious holiday meal, whether that be virtually or while socially distancing, with your coworkers! It’s a tangible expression of gratitude and acknowledgement of your fellow coworker’s hard work done. If nothing else, it provides your team the opportunity to relax and engage in a somewhat “normal” setting again.  

Secondly, we want to ensure our customers that as a Washington State based caterer, we believe it’s imperative we remain up to date on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) safety and health recommendations.

The ACT 3 team will take all necessary safety precautions, which includes wearing mandatory face mask coverings and sanitary gloves. Our job, first, is to serve, and the health and safety of our customers is always the forefront of our minds! 

To highlight a few of our new key procedures -- we’ll start with our “Honesty First” procedure. In the case that an employee feels unwell, is running a fever, or has been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19, we ask that this employee stay home. For extra precautionary measures, we require daily temperature checks when employee’s clock-in, masks are required to be worn upon entering our facility and are to be worn throughout the entire duration when working an event.

Our safety operating procedures cover any on-site events or deliveries where our staff is present. These procedures are written in attempts to limit the length and amount of times we come into contact with customers or each other.  Each task has been carefully examined and revised to fit within the safety guidelines. These tasks include, but are not limited to, passed appetizer service, buffet and plated dinner service, bar and beverage service, and bussing/cleanup services. Moving forward, plexi-glass shields are assembled where required, for instance along buffet lines while we maintain safe distance measures.

We understand that these procedures aren’t ideal, but we know just how important it is to keep our community healthy and safe as we navigate this world together. ACT 3 Catering will continue to serve our customers the safe and healthy way without sacrificing the “serve”!

Holiday Box