What is presetting?
What is presetting?

What is presetting?

What is table presetting and do I need it?

One of the most popular additional services we offer is presetting. It is a simple addition to any event, although it is a foreign term to most clients! Presetting is $2.00 per person and it includes our staff placing fork, knife, folded linen napkin and a filled water goblet at each place setting. Included in that $2.00 is the rental cost of the linen napkin as well as water service! It speeds up buffet service since no one has to juggle their silverware and napkin with their plate while grabbing their meal. 

We offer three types of napkins folds: flat, triangle and pocket fold. Each type of fold has its own advantages. Flat fold covers more area so it adds a nice amount of contrast to the table linens. Triangle fold adds some height and dimension to any table top. Pocket fold is very versatile because you can place anything inside of it such as the silverware, a menu card or even a nice sprig of eucalyptus!

Presetting can be added to any staffed event. 

Below are some examples of presetting options:

Flatfold w/ rented charger and gold flatware from CORT Party Rentals
Triangle Fold
Pocket Fold w/ menu insert and rented chargers from CORT Party Rentals
Flatfold w/ plated salad (additional $1/person)